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Why Travel to Australia? There are many reasons…

Australia Travel GuideWhen you think of Australia, is the first thing you think about the characteristic accent? Outback kangaroos? The Opera House? You wouldn’t be alone…those are some of the more popular country icons.  But we’ll bet there are a lot of things you don’t know about Australia. Try these facts on for size:

  • Sixth largest country (by size, not population)
  • Twelfth largest economy
  • Over 40,000 years of Aboriginal history and culture
  • Over 34,000 miles of ocean coastline
  • Home to world’s largest coral reef – The Great Barrier Reef
  • Contains rainforests, mountains, and deserts

Has that whet your appetite? Good! Then you’ll certainly enjoy our collection of original articles contributed by Roxana Oliver:

So if one day, in casual conversation, someone says, “Australia? Why travel to Australia?” You can politely direct them here. :o)

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