Puerto Rico Travel Resource Portal

Welcome to your Puerto Rico Travel Resource Portal!


The articles below will help give you a flavor of Puerto Rico and provide different avenues to explore. Get to know some of the island’s key attractions, spend some time looking over the original photo essays and get a better sense of “The Island of Enchantment.” Of course, nothing quite compares with a visit, but these perspectives and information are a tantalizing taste.

If for any reason you have trouble seeing the images above, you can access all of the Puerto Rico articles listed on this page.

Puerto Rico Travel Guide Bookshelf We hope you enjoy these resources and that they help you decide or plan your trip to Puerto Rico. For additional resources and recommendations, you may want to look at our Puerto Rico Travel Guide, now available on Amazon as an e-book. (No bulky books to pack!) We were absolutely blown away by our beautiful, affordable experience in Puerto Rico and want to encourage others to visit and fall in love with the island much like we did.

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