Visit Key West Florida – Resource Collection

Planning to Visit Key West Florida?

Between the ocean breeze, swaying palm trees and the relaxing environment of “island time,” we can’t say we blame you. In fact, based on our own visit to Key West, we’ve put this exclusive, first-hand collection of resources together to help you:

  • Get a better idea of what it’s like to visit Key West
  • Make more informed decisions on how you’d like to spend your time there
  • Get a taste of the scenery and landscape with rich, vivid photos
  • Add key destinations and things to do to your travel itinerary

We hope you enjoy your visit as much as we did!

A Foodie’s Tour of Key West Seafood

Key West Seafood_FI

Some come for the fishing, others seek the great diving. But did you know Key West is a culinary paradise, too? There are dozens – maybe hundreds – of wonderful eateries here, just waiting to be discovered by unsuspecting visitors who thought all they had to look forward to was

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Key West Garden Club – Sculpture

Key West Garden Club Sculpture

It’s Kind of Like an Outdoor Art Museum If you’re looking for a Key West activity that’s perfect for the nature lover, look no further than the Key West Garden Club at West Martello Tower. An oasis of lush gardenscapes and fascinating plant species, you’ll be sure to get your

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