Downtown Asheville : A Photo Tour

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What’s it like to meander around the streets of downtown Asheville, NC?

For me, having lived in both a smaller town and a larger city, it was like being at the epicenter of a city that’s recently awoken and is in the rapture of discovering itself.

In the time I spent dining, reconnoitering, and window-shopping, there were some dominant themes that left me with a massive crush on Asheville, namely:

  • Friendly, open people
  • Art deco historic buildings
  • A very pro-music and pro-musician environment
  • An abundance of creative, artistic expression
  • A great selection of restaurants, coffee shops, and brewpubs

That said, let’s take a photo tour of downtown, shall we?

Pack’s Tavern

Asheville’s made it to precisely umpteen “Best Beer City” lists so there are taverns and pubs aplenty. We liked this one because of its groovy ride.
Downtown Asheville Pack's Tavern

The Vance Monument
Obelisks date back to ancient Egypt, and are thought to represent the sun god or sunrise. Whatever it symbolized, the obelisk is found in numerous cities worldwide. (Seriously, look it up. It’s kinda weird.) This one is dedicated to NC’s former military officer, governor and U.S. Senator: Zebulon Baird Vance. (Dear NASA: have we named a planet “Zebulon” yet? We should.)
The Vance Monument Downtown Asheville

Pack Square Park
Walking east from the Vance Monument you’ll come to Pack Square Park, a lovely community area with lush grass and an amphitheater for performances. Make sure to check out the adjacent Veterans Memorial and maybe spend a quiet moment of reflection there.
Pack Square Park Asheville

The Jackson Building
The city’s first skyscraper, this Neo-Gothic building still stands tall in the downtown skyline.
Asheville Jackson Building

On Broadway (On Broadway)
A very representative snap of downtown Asheville streets.
Broadway Street Downtown Asheville

Asheville City Hall
Luckily, we caught art deco Asheville City Hall shamelessly flaunting its good side on this gorgeous sunny day.
County Building Asheville

The Art of Desire
Small excerpt of this multi-panel downtown art project. What would you write?
Downtown Asheville Art

Oh, you artsy rebels!
The way you taunt authority is totally hawt. (I mean it.)
Downtown Asheville 08

The Grove Arcade
An architectural gem from the 1920s, the Grove’s history includes being commandeered by the federal government during World War II, being used by the Climate Data Center in the 1970s and finally an extensive renovation in the mid 80s. The Grove Arcade was unmoved by all these shenanigans, maintaining its ornate but stoic facade.
The Grove Arcade Asheville

Splash of Color
Some golden fall color lines the streets.
Downtown Asheville Street

Basilica of Saint Lawrence
A lovely peaceful cathedral to enjoy some stillness and beauty.
Basilica of St Lawrence Cathedral Asheville

Night Lights
A friend told me he heard Asheville was an amazing town whose streets were paved with teddy bears. Not true (as seen here). Teddy bears are notoriously difficult to drive on and bad for your suspension.
Downtown Asheville Night

So there you have our photo essay of downtown Asheville, and now re-looking at these photos my pupils have turned heart-shaped again.

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