Puerto Rico Tourism Guide : Resource Collection

The Raices Fountain PRTraveling to Puerto Rico was one of our favorite experiences — it inspired us to write a book! Now we really understand why Puerto Rico tourism is on the rise.

On this page, we’ve researched and written a collection of original articles for you, including video and other useful resources. Perhaps they may help you in deciding to travel to Puerto Rico, or in deciding what to do once you arrive. Either way, Puerto Rico is a very charming island, full of natural beauty and warm people. These articles give you only a taste of it, but we hope you enjoy.

Cristobal Castle Video Tour

Cristobal Castle Puerto Rico

A short, accurate video tour of the historic Cristobal Castle in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Walking through Cristobal Castle (also called Castillo San Cristobal) in San Juan Puerto Rico is like taking a trip back to Spanish colonial times. Looking at the soldier’s quarters, real cannons and cisterns you

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