A New Way to Share Your Travel Experiences

The following article is a guest post by Sarah Dunlap, who is launching a new social site where travelers can connect to share their experiences with real people, and where travel bloggers can create a community.

Would you like to help in creating this travel community?

First, an overview:

GoneVaca is a social media website dedicated to the social experience of sharing vacations. Members can:

  • create profiles and groups for their vacations
  • post photos, videos, recommendations, and reviews
  • share travel experiences and helpful travel advice
  • Interact with each other discussing vacation recommendations one-on-one and in groups

GoneVaca will also support travel bloggers, with a premium blogger account. GoneVaca members will be able to follow their favorite travel bloggers in their friends feed. GoneVaca is unique because it revolves around personal travel experience.

How do people discuss great vacations currently? Word of mouth, recommendations to friends and family members, searching the hundreds of travel websites selling hotel reservations, car reservations, or airfare.

Wouldn’t it be great to chat with a real person that just traveled to the destination you would like to visit? GoneVaca will be THE place to get current travel information from other people who traveled to your dream vacation spot.

Reviews on other travel sites can be posted by employees, friends and family of the business, or paid for by the business… how do you know it’s a real traveler?

Instead you could contact a GoneVaca member. That member could give you helpful hints about hotels they saw and stayed at while on vacation, or are currently visiting! GoneVaca is not only informative, but it will be THE place to share the love of going on vacation with other travelers.

Get involved and contribute!

Want to learn more about GoneVaca? Visit www.gonevaca.com!
Want to help fund this community? The website is currently under construction but when funded on Indiegogo, will go live December 2014!

GoneVaca Logo Sarah Kelley-Dunlap is the creator of GoneVaca. She loves to travel and created this website dedicated to sharing vacation stories. You may contact her at [email protected].

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