A Story For Tomorrow: Inspiring Travel Film

What does your dream trip look like?

For many of us, it’s a dream of exploration, of new connections and of self-discovery.

Forty years ago we might have shared the vacation of a lifetime with film slides on a carousel projector, as our neighbors’ eyes glazed over not from too many gin and tonic’s, but from a stream of seemingly endless photos played to the ka-chunk, ka-chunk, ka-chunk of the slideshow.

Twenty years ago we would have captured some grainy Super 8 video or scrapbooked the print photos.

Today, through the wonder of modern technology, we can share memories in an artfully edited high-definition film.

Which brings us to this — a beautiful story of two young-and-in-love travelers exploring Chile and Patagonia, capturing moments (just a series of memorable moments) along the way. Prompting you to think about your life and your adventures. They are not trying to impress you. They not trying to persuade you. It is as if, in creating this film, they have written a love letter to their future selves, with indelible memories of a past adventure. And that is what will move you.

This short film inspires way beyond its five minutes. Enjoy:

A Story for Tomorrow

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