Key West Garden Club – Sculpture

It’s Kind of Like an Outdoor Art Museum

If you’re looking for a Key West activity that’s perfect for the nature lover, look no further than the Key West Garden Club at West Martello Tower. An oasis of lush gardenscapes and fascinating plant species, you’ll be sure to get your fill of beautiful specimens from orchids to cactus. For some of the highlights, see our Review & Photo Essay which features the plants.

And while the flora are noteworthy in and of themselves, we feel the space wouldn’t be quite as magical if it didn’t have the assortment of lovely sculpture using all kinds of media. Below are our highlights of the Key West Garden Club Sculpture. Enjoy!

Thar She Blows!
Garden Club Sculpture01

Tree Trunk Sculpture
Garden Club Sculpture02

Olmec-esque carvings
Garden Club Sculpture03

Garden Club Sculpture04

Garden Club Sculpture05

Concrete Ant
Garden Club Sculpture06

Concrete Disc with Driftwood
Garden Club Sculpture07

Coral (not technically sculpture but beautiful texture)
Garden Club Sculpture08

Lady of the Palms
Garden Club Sculpture09

Red Brick Man

Garden Club Sculpture10

Not Pictured: There is a sculpture that’s not much to look at, but you must listen for it. It’s a series of upright metal whistles on the oceanside, that emit flute-like sounds with the ocean breeze. Worth noting.

So there you have it, some of the sculptures and textures you’ll find at the Key West Garden Club. If you’re visiting, we can’t recommend this place enough for a nice stroll or even a picnic on a beautiful day.

The Garden Club is maintained by volunteers, so please consider making a donation before you leave!

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