Travel Gift Ideas | Original Design Mugs, Bags, Shirts & More!

Puttin’ some travel gift ideas up in here!

Everyone’s seen the “I Love Nashville” shirts and “California Dreamin'” mugs, right? Those are great.

But you know what we don’t see too often?  Cool travel swag that shares our passion for travel in general. So thinking about the rest of you who ALSO love to travel, we decided to brainstorm ideas and commission original designs to help you share your wanderlust with the world.

We hope you like them, and guess what — you can customize them when you visit the store. Don’t like orange? Change it to blue! Want the design smaller? Easy as pie! You can even add your own text on each of the items. (Thank you, technology, for letting us be whimsical control freaks. 😉 )

Below is a sampling of our goodies, or you can click here and go directly to the store.

Don’t see the items? Update Flash and disable AdBlockPlus, or you can go directly to all store designs.

Some of the travel gifts we selected especially for the wanderlusters among you include:

  • Men’s and women’s t-shirts (different styles)
  • Mugs (different styles)
  • Digital device goodies, from phone covers to laptop skins
  • Durable bags and wallets
  • Keychains and buttons
  • Luggage tags (of course!)
  • Because you can customize, you can adapt the design to other items, too

We do get a small commission on these sales, so anything you buy for yourself or your favorite jetsetter shows us your support and helps us spend more time sharing original photos and travel ideas with you. Thanks so much!

Want to explore other options? Browse other travel gifts over on!


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