Vacation Packing Lists

Green Checklist Packing ListHave you ever taken a vacation and found that you completely forgot one or more essential items?


The truth is that it’s easy to forget things when you have an anticipated Big Vacation coming up. The trip can arrive more quickly than you think, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why we want to recommend that you create a vacation packing list. By creating a quality list you can rest assured that you are leaving on your trip with all the essential items necessary for a peaceful and enjoyable vacation.

Just imagine traveling to another country and finding that you forgot an important item that simply can’t be replaced at your destination.  It’s happened to us, and it’s not any fun, so we have put this list together to help you get things locked down before you leave.

Here are some tips to plan a packing list for a vacation
First and foremost, you won’t need to pack everything on your list, and as such you should use your list more as a guideline then anything. There are, however, some priorities that you need to take care of regardless of where you are traveling.

You may want to create a highly personalized list for yourself, and it may take a little time, but if you put forth the effort you will be extremely grateful you completed this list. The security of knowing you packed everything you need is priceless, and you will be traveling stress-free knowing that your packing list is complete.

Staple Checklist Ideas

Before you even leave, the first things you’ll want to check off your list are those that involve things at home. Many people think about all the aspects of travel that relate to the act of travel itself, but few actually take their at-home responsibilities into consideration when planning a vacation packing list.

Some areas you will want to take care of before travel are:

  • Stop any regular deliveries
  • Make sure pets, plants, and lawn will be taken care of
  • Get rid of any food that will spoil
  • Lock everything down, and turn off unnecessary appliances
  • Put some lights on timers, or give your keys to a friend and have them turn lights on and off to simulate someone being home
  • For extended vacations notify your home security company, and alert trusted neighbors to keep watch for you

This is a great starting point before you start your holiday, and we have actually designed a downloadable, printable one-page packing list that covers the essentials and lets you fill in additional items that are vacation-specific for you.

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