Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory – Plants!

It’s probably safe to say that most people venture into the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory for the obvious reason: butterflies. But if you like plants, even just a little bit, you will no doubt enjoy discovering a variety of tropical species found here. From orchids and ferns to really delicate flowers…the flora here provide a kind of magical backdrop for the animals. Take a look…

A Little Corner of Paradise
Yeah, it’s like this.  A little oasis of flora and fauna carefully constructed in a self-contained environment. Here we see purple coleus, caladium and croton among others. The stream runs throughout the space.
Butterfly Conservatory Coleus and Caladium

Blurs of Blue
Those are blue morphos in flight among the canopy of ferns.
Butterfly Conservatory Plant Scene

A Canopy of Greenery
We had to include this shot looking above just so you can see that the greenery extends upward.
Butterfly Conservatory Pink Flowers

A Dash of Color
It’s not just all green, you know. The scenery is punctuated with bright species like this.
Butterfly Conservatory Purple Plant

Tiny Beautiful Surprises
The closer you get to these yellow orchids, the more details you discover.
Butterfly Conservatory Yellow Orchids

Wall of Fame
Framed by natural plants is this showcase of some of the Conservatory superstars.
Butterfly Conservatory Windows

Bromeliads and Epiphytes
Butterfly Conservatory Bromeliad Ferns

Little Bouquets
Small Gold Flower Tufts

Butterfly Conservatory Small Red Flowers

Tapestry of Orchids
Butterfly Conservatory Flora11

Field of Gold
Butterfly Conservatory Yellow Cone Flowers

We hope you enjoyed these scenes from an enchanted little biodome called the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.

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