Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory – Butterflies!

Butterflies: Creatures of Delicate and Ephemeral Wonder

Moving from egg to larva to pupal chrysalis before enjoying only 1-2 weeks of life as a winged adult, butterflies have long been revered as amazing creatures. Their transformation, grace, and delicate beauty has helped cement their place in human art, culture, and symbolism.

If you’d like to surround yourself in a natural environment aflutter with butterflies, you simply must visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. In this carefully controlled enclosed space, you will be surrounded by flying, feeding, and resting butterflies of varied species.

We’ll be asking the experts for some help in identifying these lovely specimens, but in the meantime enjoy our up close and personal shots!

Butterfly Conservatory Black and Yellow Butterfly

Butterfly Conservatory Black with red dots

Feeding on Fruit Salad
Butterfly Conservatory Feeding Time

Butterfly Conservatory Black Butterfly on Red Flowers

Butterfly Conservatory Black and Red Butterfly

Butterfly Conservatory Brown Butterfly

Butterfly Conservatory Neon Green Butterfly

Butterfly Conservatory on Flowers

Butterfly Conservatory Brown Butterfly

Blue Morpho Feeding on Sugar Water
Butterfly Conservatory Blue Morpho

Butterfly Conservatory Black Butterfly

Blue Morpho Emerged from Chrysalis
Blue Morpho Chrysalis

Next time you find yourself in Key West, we recommend you make time to visit the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory!

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