Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory : Other Critters!

It’s not just about butterflies!

In this unique enclosed ecosystem, the butterflies rule the aerial domain. But underfoot, and sometimes alongside the butterflies are their fine feathered friends. Koi fish, turtles, flamingoes and an assortment of other birds await at the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. See for yourself…

Caterpillars (Nom, nom, nom…)
OK, *technically* this is a pre-butterfly, but here’s why we didn’t put his mug in our Butterflies Photo Essay:  caterpillars get very special treatment at the KWB&NC: just after you buy your ticket there is an anteroom (the Learning Center) where you can see these little fellas chomping away on leaves behind the safety of a glass enclosure. This particular guy looks like he’s covered in icicles. Icicles…in Key West…HA!
Butterfly Conservatory Creatures01

Turtle Pretending to Fly? Or dive?
Or…this is some trendy new pose in turtle yoga. We’re not exactly sure. But we do know that he’s very charismatic and living large in his very own deluxe turtle pond.
Butterfly Conservatory Creatures02

My Little Chickadee
Honestly, chances are about one in one googol that this is actually a chickadee. Not sure what it is except really good at scurrying underfoot and looking rather peeved when you finally get eye-level with him.
Butterfly Conservatory Creatures03

Dispatching Bird Food
Can you imagine that instead of sitting down to your morning bowl of cereal you instead sat down IN a bowl of cereal? Can you imagine that kind of abundance in your life?  Well that’s the kind of breakfast, lunch and dinner these little birds have daily at the KWB&NC…they want for nothing.
Butterfly Conservatory Creatures05

What Kind of Costume is This?
Don’t laugh at this bird just because it looks like he fell in five different buckets of paint.  The good news is that in this protected environment no predator can spot him, and his girlfriends probably find him very fetching. So there.
Butterfly Conservatory Creatures07

“Didn’t mean to sneak up on you, but what is that thing with a shiny reflective lens? I wanna see…come closer. Hey! Where you going? I just want to see what you’re holding.”
Butterfly Conservatory Creatures08

The Wading Game
SPOILER ALERT:  As these two look for tidbits to eat hidden in the silt underfoot, you might actually be fooled into thinking they are doing a synchronized water dance.
Butterfly Conservatory Creatures09

Flamingo Cranes
They want to know what you’re up to out there, outside the domain of their koi pond. These flamingos think they are the stars of the show, and the butterflies are merely halftime entertainment.
Butterfly Conservatory Creatures10

So what do you think? Is it all about the butterflies or are you interested in visiting their friends, too?

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