What’s Your Vacation Horoscope Compatibility? Astrology Travel Guide

What’s Your Horoscope Compatibility for…An Epic Vacation?

Yes, you read that right. Looking for travel ideas? How do the stars match you up with famous locations around the world?

But astrology is a bunch of hogwash and what does the position of the stars have to do with where I should spend my vacation money???

Probably not much. But hey, 1) relax and don’t take life so seriously, 2) this is for fun anyway, and 3) maybe ease up on the caffeine a little. Scroll below to see some pretty pictures and cool ideas for your astrological sign.

An Astrological Travel Guide

An Astrological Travel Guide [Infographic] by the team at Co-operative Travel

Free Travel Wallpaper SampleThis travel quote moves and inspires us, so we have created free wallpaper files for your desktop, tablet, and phone.
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