Top Tweets: A Collection of Ecotourism Examples and News

We hope you enjoy these nine excellent tweets covering ecotourism news, guidelines, and perspectives.

Simply click through the tweets below to learn more about ecotourism and sustainable travel trends. When so many are using these terms freely, the articles and links below reflect the true comprehensive spirit of ecotourism, and guess what? It’s not just about having a picnic in a state park. 😉

Five Key Mantras of Ecotourism

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Many thanks to UNWTO for putting together this nifty memorable graphic for us:


Ecotourism and Responsible Travel: Useful Tips from Expert Travel Bloggers

Eleven top travel bloggers cover ecotourism examples including local spending, community education, and volunteering.


Top 2014 Ecotourism Destinations

Some of these may not be a surprise, but you may find one spot that calls to you in particular. A great opportunity to think about how to support nature and culture when you travel.


Well, This is Encouraging…

How a top resort in The Maldives is taking the initiative to restore and preserve the environment with various sustainability projects.


Ecotourism Can Transform Economy, Community

Typically we think of ecotourism from the standpoint of a traveler who might enjoy the experience. In this poignant counterpoint we see things from the other side — some thoughts on how Kenyan ecotourism can help stimulate the economy by serving both tourists and locals.


Thoughts from an Eco-Camp Leader

This interview with Javier Lopez – founder of EcoCamp Patagonia – offers an inside view on ecotourism and includes what a day at an adventure camp could be like. The geodesic dome lodge pictures are a bonus.


Global Report on Adventure Tourism

People love to strap a GoPro camera to their helmet and go bungee jumping or catch mega-waves. With adventure travel becoming more and more popular, this in-depth report ties with sustainable tourism. Co-authored by the UN World Tourism Organization and the Adventure Travel Trade Association.


Totally Rad Car-Free Towns

Are you up to HERE with your daily commute? Tired of being stuck in traffic? Here are some great destinations where you can spend locally and do your sightseeing on foot.


On the Horizon: Top New Ecotourism Destinations

These four new locations could be the hot new name in ecotourism very soon. One definitely surprised me.


We hope you enjoyed these! If you’d like to learn what truly defines ecotourism, check out our article What is Ecotourism and Why is It Important?

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