Amazing Airports Around the World

Could You Get Excited About Going to the Airport?

For frequent travelers, hanging out in airports can seem like a necessary evil: waiting in line, waiting on the tarmac, fighting crowds. And certainly some airports could use an update to accommodate today’s high volume of flight traffic – beginning with more efficient planning and maybe even a facelift.

But where many airports are playing catch-up…some are ahead of the curve. The airports around the world listed below are on the leading edge of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Most are works of amazing architecture, and boast innovative features like zen gardens and museums.

With amenities like these, passing the time in these airports feels less like a burden and more like a curious adventure. Scan the list to see if any of these might be in your upcoming travels…

Cities Worth Visiting Just For Their Airports
Cities Worth Visiting Just For Their Airports [Infographic] by the team at Momondo Group Ltd

 If you visit these airports, mind your distraction so that you make your flight on time!

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