Traveling With Your Pet | Tips and Infographic

You May Love Travel, But Traveling with your Pet?

Depending on your trip and your pet, that can be quite a different story.

Some dogs love a road trip, but what if you have to take three cats cross-country? Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help ease the trip for all involved. Here are four musts:

  1. Create a pet travel package: Bedding, toys, food, litter, doggie bags, harnesses.
  2. Keep treats, meds, accessories in their own separate backpack or bag for quick and easy access.
  3. Don’t make any assumptions – call the airline and/or your accommodations to ensure that your pet can travel as comfortably as possible and you are complying with any special pet policies.
  4. Talk with your vet about the appropriateness of calming meds, and consider Anxiety Free for Dogs, or plug-in pheromone Feliway for Cats.

With the right amount of planning, traveling with your pet can go more smoothly than you’d imagine.

Here is a nifty infographic with more statistics and tips on pet travel:

Traveling With Your Pet Infographic

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