Travel Photo Essays

Why do we love travel photography so much?

Because it shows us new perspective, possibility and beauty, among other things.

Sunset Maui

While the classic sunset or beach photo is the internationally recognized image of vacation, there is so much more to a destination. Sometimes we find that a portrait of a small historic house is just as stunning as a landmark sculpture. It’s all a matter of how you look at things.

In travel photography, we look for the images that transport us to the city or location. We look for expressions that convey emotion, for buildings that tell a story, and landscapes that draw us in.

In our travel photo essays, we strive to offer you this kind of travel photography — where you may find popular attractions and things to do but also some thoughtful photos which tell a more personal story about the chosen destination, including:

We hope you enjoy our hand-picked travel photography and please contact us if you would like to submit your own travel photo essay – we’d love to feature it!