Travel Style: Get Your Nails Done…or Dirty?

Travel Style NailsLadies: On vacation, would you rather get your nails done, or dirty, or both?

If you’re looking for relaxation, pampering, comfort, recharge, and peace you are mostly likely tending towards the “getting your nails done” style.

And if you’re planning on adventure, adrenaline, going out of your comfort zone, or anything that involves profuse sweating, you’re probably more in the “get your nails dirty” camp.

So, for example:

Beach time, quiet, peaceful settings: nails done
Riding elephants in Thailand: nails dirty
Fancy massages and candlelit dinners: nails done
Anything that involves bear safety knowledge: nails dirty

Look, I’m not trying to put an indelible travel stamp on you. You don’t have to pick one travel style forever and you can certainly take a vacation where you do a little of both.

But the broader point here is that knowing the answer to this question can offer several benefits right out of the airport gate for you, namely:

  • Identifying priorities and planning your getaway activities towards your preferences. Really ask yourself what you want this vacation to do for you — recharge you with stillness and relaxation, or energize you with new experiences?
  • Being clear with any travel partner(s) about what you expect to get from your getaway. If you have different objectives you can plan when to have your own time to ensure everyone gets what they are seeking.
  • Knowing how to pack appropriately.  If you know up front what your main objectives are, you will be prepared for even impromptu activities, whether it’s a yoga class or a mountain hike.

There’s no judgment about your preference…there are different times in our lives when we need or crave different experiences. The important thing is to know what you’re looking for from your vacation so you can have the holiday you want.

Remember, own and flaunt your travel style!

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