The End of Lost Luggage is Almost Here!

“The airline lost my luggage.”

Few things are sadder to hear than this response to “How was your flight?”

And yet it happens. A lot.

It costs the airlines money and (sometimes) customers. It costs fliers incredible stress and time for both temporarily and permanently lost luggage. So why is a solution to this important issue taking so long? It seems like the ubiquity of cell phones makes NOW exactly the right time to start solving this.

Does anyone remember when we used to carry our luggage? With handles? And then – BOOM! – all of a sudden someone decided to put wheels on the things? It only took thousands of years of evolution to figure that out and now they’re everywhere.

The proliferation of smart luggage with GPS tracking might be like that. Sure, there are technology bugs to work out, and FAA guidelines to abide by, but the NEED is there. Most promising of all is that we already have some smart luggage solutions in place and can expect them to get better and more popular, hopefully SOON.

Read on for details on which smart luggage options are currently and soon-to-be available, with general pricing.

(Figures are in British Pounds Sterling, but you can do the math.)

Smart Luggage

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