Language and Cognition – Sharpen Your Brain

Learn a Language, Amplify Cognition

If you’ve ever considered learning a new language as an adult, we have GREAT news for you — not only does it make you seem oh-so-cosmopolitan, but science has proven that learning a new language improves cognition. In combining thinking, speaking, and listening, learning a new language sharpens your synapses and is a great neural workout. Below you’ll learn exactly why language and cognition go hand in hand.

Additionally, learning a new language also has the power to give you words for life experiences depending on how fluent you are. For an example of what we’re talking about you can also check out our post on Unstranslatable Words, Translated. Every culture has its own values and customs, and language is the key to unlocking these treasures. Did you ever observe something and wonder “why isn’t there a word for that?” Chances are some other language has invented one.

Take a look below for some of the benefits that learning a language can offer your brain.

Language and Cognition

This is all very science-y but in actual day-to-day practice it’s really fun and it better prepares you for all the travels on your bucket list.

So now that you can see the tie between language and cognition are you extra ready to gear up for taking on a new language or brushing up on the one you started in high school? Good for you! Make sure to read our recommendation for the best, easiest, and FREE online language program — you’ll be glad you did.

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