A Little Bit About Us

People travel for different reasons.

For adventure, for novelty, for fun, for relaxation.

But whatever the reason, the benefits are clear:

  • A greater sense of fulfillment
  • A deep sense of self-discovery
  • Increased adaptability and problem-solving
  • More resilience and independence

Happy Holidays Guides offers travelers a wide variety of travel hacks, practical advice, and insights about the experience of travel.
Lisa and Darren ThumbnailAbout the co-founders:
Lisa was bitten by the travel bug early when she toured much of Mexico with family. She is blessed to have visited many beautiful places and can pack for a week in under :30 now.

Darren has lived in Europe, road-tripped across the U.S. multiple times and has more exploring to do yet. Although never a boy scout, he is always prepared to handle whatever adventure brings his way.

About our Contributor Network: We are always interested in sharing unique, provocative travel perspectives and beautiful travel photography.

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