Expat Living in Style – As an Entrepreneur

Expat Living in Style: As an Entrepreneur

Taking digital nomad to an entirely different level, the “expat-preneur” writes their own story when it comes to expat living — not content to settle for lazy beachfront living but rather looking at how to create opportunity in a new country.

With ubiquitous technology and interconnected markets, the stage is set for able-minded expats to make their own way in business in foreign countries. Those who can recognize opportunities for export, business connections, and other ways to share their new host country are the new expat-preneurs.

So where do they live and what do they do? Do they move for work, love or adventure?

Take a peek at the infographic below to find out:

The Rise of the Expat-Preneur


So what do you think? Are you inspired to shop around for a new country of residence where you can make your mark with your own business?

The Rise of the Expat-Preneur [Infographic] by the team at aetna international

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