Work With Us!

Travelers want to connect with real people.

If you want to raise awareness of your city or your brand, consider working with us to give your city, product or service an authentic voice and share that experience with other travel fans.

Here are types of organizations that are a good fit for us:

  • Tourism Boards and Visitor Bureaus: We’ll take photos and video of your destination city, write and publish honest, detailed articles and share them with our audience.
  • Tour Companies: Your customers want authentic experiences from real people. We will publish honest write-ups with photos & video to give them a realistic taste of what to expect on your tours.
  • Hotels, Inns, B&Bs: Consider hosting us and sponsoring an article series on the top attractions in your city to show your prospective customers how much your city can offer them. (An honest review of your lodging would of course be included!)
  • Travel Gear: A good match includes general purpose luggage and accessories that would enhance most travel experiences. That is, products for a more general audience.

Drop a line and let us know what you have in mind!

Lisa and Darren


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